About us – old

Designer and craftsman Marysh has worked with wood most of his life. Today he designs and creates beautiful individual pieces of the highest quality such as show case cabinets, tables and chairs as well as personal items such as jewellery and memory boxes. Marysh set up The Alexander Workshop where he pursues his passion in collaboration with a variety of private clients.


A watersports professional for many years, Marysh’s approach is inspired by a life spent on the river and his pieces are characterised by fluid, graceful lines.


Our approach in working with clients is to start with the ‘idea’. We then work in collaborative creation with you to arrive at the perfect solution. As part of the process we share our design concepts using sketches and models so you have the opportunity throughout to make sure the piece is right for you.


The Alexander Workshop uses both traditional and modern techniques depending on the design. Working with textures and patterns of wood together with complimentary materials we craft an individual piece to reflect your personality or requirement.