When you bring a commission to The Alexander Workshop you are embarking on a partnership to create a one of a kind piece which is individual to you.  Working in collaboration with us not only makes sure you get a beautiful piece which complements its environment and fits with your ideas, but can be fun too.


During the first step of the process Marysh will usually visit you to discuss your requirements. He will spend time gaining a deeper understanding of your needs whether it be furniture to complement a room, a showpiece, or a personal gift.  Alongside the design he will also discuss practicalities such as timing and budget.  Along the way Marysh provides ideas and inspiration to arrive at a design which works in the context of its surroundings and is personal to you.


Next, sketches will be drawn in rough enabling any changes to be made at this early stage. Marysh will explore potential materials and design approaches and can show you some examples of both allowing the design to be refined.  Once you are happy with the approach, a scale model can be produced.  This model will be made from the proposed materials and to the agreed design to create a miniature version of your piece so that you have a clear idea of the finished product.


With the final design agreed and a deposit paid, The Alexander Workshop led by Marysh will then create your piece, keeping you informed along the way.  The collaborative design process ensures that the finished product will be what you had envisaged and is unique to you.

If you are interested in discussing a commission please contact
us at The Alexander Workshop