About us

Designer and craftsman Marysh has been making as long as he can remember. A water sports professional for many years his approach is inspired by a life spent on the river and his pieces are characterised by fluid graceful lines.

Today, at The Alexander Workshop, he designs and creates individual pieces of furniture and gifts to meet a client’s wishes. Working with textures and patterns of wood, together with complementary materials he hand makes unique pieces to the highest level of craftsmanship.


During the first step of the process Marysh will usually visit you to discuss your ideas and requirements. He will spend time gaining a deeper understanding of your needs whether it be furniture to complement a room, a showpiece, or a personal gift. Alongside the design he will also discuss practicalities such as timing and budget.


Next, sketches will be drawn enabling any changes to be made at an early stage. Once materials and design have been explored Marysh will produce a model to help visualise and refine the piece before making begins.


With the final design agreed your piece will come to life at The Alexander Workshop with Marysh keeping you informed along the way. This collaborative design process ensures that the finished creation will meet your ideas and be unique to you.